1 min readFeb 9, 2022

Curious about how the new mode will play?
🔹You have to mine the key in Treasure Hunt Mode to enter the Story Mode.
🔹1 KEY for 1 round . If your team can mine many keys then u can join this PvE mode many times in proportion to how many keys that u mined.
🔹You can only choose 1 Hero ( high rarity recommended ) to join for 1 round.
🔹Your account must own at least 15 heroes to join this mode
🔹You don’t need to spend BCOIN to play.

👉🏻Win: If you win 1 round, you will receive BCOIN (reward will increase based on heroes’ rarity) & lose 1 key.
👉🏻Failed: If you failed, you just lose the key and won’t receive any BCOIN ( Remember that you guys won’t lose your BCOIN even you failed the playing round )

Watch this video tutorial to better understand.

We want to bring you the best experience. Let us know what you think about experiencing Adventure mode.🥰




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