AMA Recap: BombCrypto Project

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Basic information

  • Time: February 18th, 2022 at 1PM UTC
  • Project name: BombCrypto
  • Host: Ms. Nhung Vo |Marketing Lead from Senspark & Bombcrypto
  • Guest speakers: Mr. Lam Ho|CEO form Senspark & Bombcrypto
  • Main content:
  • Part 1: Summary Bombcrypto Performance within 5 months launching
  • Part 2: Teaser about Project Meta
  • Part 3: Q & A with community

Main Content

Part 1+2:

Ms. Nhung Vo: Hello everyone, today our community had a chance to welcome Mr. Lam Ho — Founder/CEO of Senspark and Bombcrypto to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features, roadmap & answer questions in recent time of Bombcrypto.

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Are you ready Mr. Lam?

Mr. Lam Ho: Sure, I’m ready now. I’m very excited to be here with you guys today.

Ms. Nhung Vo: Very nice sir. Before getting into the key information sections, We will summarize some of Bombcrypto’s performance achievements

Mr. Lam Ho:

I think this performance summary clip has captured the success of Bombcrypto in the Gamefi market from over the world as well as how strong the community is growing till now.

Ms. Nhung Vo: Next, Mr. Lam Ho will reveal the exciting plan of Senspark in the future.

Mr. Lam Ho: Today I would like to share with you guys our long-term plan, introducing Project-Meta, an enhanced digital space of the game and other NFT games

Mr. Lam Ho: Send Clip Teaser:

Senspark is in a fundraising campaign to have the sustainable financial budget to develop the game and other upcoming long-term projects

We always work very hard to meet users and investors’ expectations about the game’s development. So our company is focusing on recruiting global talents.

If you are interested, please send us your CV.

You can see the list of vacancies at:

Ms. Nhung Vo: Wow, I have to admit that is such an impressive introduction about Project Meta of Senspark. I believe that many users will see the future and potential when they hold BCOIN and being together with Senspark ❤

Part 3: Q & A

Ms. Nhung Vo: Next, we will move to the most awaited part today which is Community Q&A. I will pick 11 questions from users sent to the Bomb Crypto link collected before.

Question 1: Please tell me whether the deal in the marketplace includes ROI. How to calculate ROI in BombCrypto.

Mr. Lam Ho: Thank you for the question. I have been waiting to answer this, and because the answer is quite long and in formula format, so I’m gonna text instead

Investment = Buying Heroes (shop) + buying heroes (marketplace) + buying houses + Upgrade heroes + reset skills + story mode (play for fun)

ROI = Mined / Investment * 100%

+ Buying Heroes from Marketplace: 10% of the value is calculated as Investment (buying Hero that costs 1000 BCOIN, then your Investment will be calculated as 100 BCOIN).

+ Total amount of buying Heroes from Shop: 100% of the amount is charged as Investment

+ Buying a House (from any source): 50% of the value is counted as Investment (buying a House that costs 1000 BCOIN, then your Investment will be calculated as 500 BCOIN).

Ms. Nhung Vo: Very detailed & I think for now many users can have the base to know how to calculate their ROI & Investment. Thank Sir for the transparent thing like this for the community.

Question 2 — Is this possible to set something to show us how nerfed we are and how much bcoin we need to invest to get rid of nerf?

Mr. Lam Ho: The Reward indicators of each chest type as well as the specific rewards number for each user file according to different ROI metrics.

Chest type reward:

+ Block Wooden Chest: 0.008 BCOIN

+ Block Silver Chest: 0.024 BCOIN

+ Block Golden Chest: 0.128 BCOIN

+ Block Diamond Chest: 0.256 BCOIN

Rewards number for each user file according to different ROI metrics:

+ ROI 0–50%: 100% reward

+ ROI 50–100%: 94% reward

+ ROI 100–150%: 70% reward

+ ROI 150–200%: 45% reward

+ ROI 200–300%: 25% reward

+ ROI 300–400%: 10% reward

+ ROI 400–500%: 10% reward

+ ROI > 500%: 1% reward

Ms. Nhung Vo: Thank you for clarifying that to users Sir. That’s great update information for our community.

3. Now we will move to the next question: Is the nerf you applied only temporary or do you intend to maintain this long-term dynamic for Bombcrypto?

Mr. Lam Ho: The current Nerf mechanic is temporary to balance the game’s economy. We will base our measurements on data and will make weekly adjustments. (Maybe Buff or Nerf based on game economy)

- We will transparently notify the community about the adjustment before it is updated to the game 3 days in advance

Ms. Nhung Vo:That’s amazing. I believe that Nerf for now is just a temporary issue with Bombcrypto & the game will be balanced and grow back quickly.

The next question 4: Why not allow users to sell more hero rarity on Marketplace?

Mr. Lam Ho: - Firstly, to ensure the Source of Bcoin tokens for the balance economy system & Project also can use this amount recovered to fill back into the reward pool to maintain the game.

- Secondly, In order to avoid price manipulation from the market, devaluation and anti-BOT buying a large amount of NFTs affect the asset system and the value of tokens.

====> But this is only temporary until the in-game economy stabilizes and the token value increases again, then we will proceed to open more rarity for users to buy and sell on Marketplace.

Ms. Nhung Vo: Yes, I also agree with that decision for this time & hope we also have planned as soon as possible to open some rarity in Marketplace.

Now to question 5: Any updates on when the staking/VIP will be released? How many BCOIN we will need to reach each level of VIP when the stake is released?

Mr. Lam Ho: - Staking/VIP will be released according to our Roadmap — Q1/2022. We are working on it to make this feature as soon as launching for our users have consistent good returns

- About the amount of BCOIN that you guys need to reach each level of VIP, When we are near to completing the feature with the final calculation on our data then we will announce the exact number of BCOIN for Staking/VIP to the community.

Ms. Nhung Vo: Oh, sounds interesting! I can’t wait to see this upcoming feature ^^

Ques 6: What are the plans for burning BCOIN with in-game content?

Mr. Lam Ho: - We are planning to implement in-game spending features such as: Reset skills, Adventure — play for fun, Change Skins, Mobile version.

- The operating mechanism is when users spend money in-game >> All these expenses will be returned to the pool reward >>which will return to the users participating in the game

Ms. Nhung Vo: I hope this explanation will help users understand Bombcrypto’s mechanism for the economic system.

Now we will move to Question 7: What is your next plan to attract new investors to invest in the game?

Mr. Lam Ho: - In Q1/ 2022, we are rapidly promoting many features to attract players, as well as Investors, to join the game, through all of those features to increase the sink token system to help the price of Bcoin to grow.

- Features in progress and will be released in the next 1 month are: Reset skill, Adventure — play for fun, Change Skin, Mobile version. And some features that are being researched and will be implemented in the next steps are: Buff Story Mode Event, Upgrade Rarity, Rename Bhero/Bhouse

Ms. Nhung Vo: I think that not many game projects on blockchain have such an amazing feature like this. I believe Bomb will go far in the future.

Ok, now the next question is: Can we recognize ROI even if we reinvest with mined Bcoin?

Mr. Lam Ho: - Each time you reinvest, the ROI will be calculated again based on the amount of money you spent on the game.

- Investment update time is about 30 mins

Ms. Nhung Vo: Thanks, Sir for this clarification. Move to the next question: I’m Brazilian, I think the DEVs team should understand more about our culture cause almost all of us don’t understand about investments, in here we trust in television sponsors, what about spending some money on Brazilian television merchandising?

Mr. Lam Ho: - Now we are doing charity with Litro de Luz Brasil to contribute together with the country’s development, fostering the social sector and generating shared value from different perspectives: environmental, economic, and social.

- And with our Partnership with Litro, they will promote our project image in many media social channels of Liz in Brasil as well as connect Bomb with television merchandising to broadcast games to some popular programs on TV in Brasil

Ms. Nhung Vo: Wow, that’s a very interesting Marketing plan for the Brazil community. I think if Bombcrypto expands PR in TV in Brazil then the project will attract more potential new users from there.

>> Ok now we move to the next question: Would BombCrypto implement a scholarship system once PvP is released?

Mr. Lam Ho: - We are planning to research and implement with the Dev team about the Scholarship System.

- Scholarships allow owners of game items without the time or motivation to make use of them, to pair with players who don’t have the funds to purchase game items. Owners loan their items to players, and in return, they receive a percentage of the player’s earnings.

===> We think this upcoming feature will attract many new users as well as old users to stay with the game for a long time

Ms. Nhung Vo: Here is the last question of community Q &A.

What is the long term benefit when holding Bcoin

Mr. Lam Ho: If users hold BCOIN, they will have the opportunity to own tokens in the Metaverse project and new Senspark’s games and 3rd party games that Senspark collaborate with

Ms. Nhung Vo: That is really impressive. We’ve just done today AMA

Thank you so much for taking your time to join our AMA today, as well as thanks for hundreds of good questions from our community.

It’s great when the project listens to the community and also changes the project in the way that the community wants it to. That brings a lot of satisfaction inside the community as well.

And after this, our team leads will organize AMA biweekly meetings to talk about Product, Technology, Community, Marketing…

We will recap the information of this Audio session and post it on our Medium and Substack. Those who have not been able to follow the information of this Ama session, please read it on our 2 channels!

Mr. Lam Ho: Thank you to the community for taking the time to watch this AMA today. As the CEO of the Bombcrypto project, I am very proud and grateful for what the community has believed in and accompanied with the project during the past time which contributed to the resounding successes of Bombcrypto.

We are still and will continue to work harder to bring improvements and development for this project as well as future plans from Senspark. Once again, my sincere thanks to the community. The project team and I have been, and will always listen to you!




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