BomBCrypto X Kardia Ventures: Partner Announcement

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BomBCrypto X Kardia Ventures: Partner Announcement

BomBCrypto X Kardia Ventures: Partner Announcement

We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve teamed up with Kardia Ventures!

We’re very excited to have Kardia Ventures as a member of our community.

Bomb Crypto is honored to be supported by a venture of NFT’s experienced gaming, blockchain and startup experts.

About Kardia Ventures

Kardia Ventures is a dedicated Crypto-centric fund and served as the Investment Arm for KardiaChain, the leading blockchain technology company in Vietnam.

Kardia Ventures is built based on our strong belief in blockchain technology to disrupt existing industries and create immense business opportunities.

The Kardia Ventures portfolio is experienced in both traditional finance and emergent blockchain technology, target investments in Seed, Private and Public Rounds launched by promising projects that seek to decentralize the global economy and add value to the blockchain ecosystem.

About Bomb Crypto

The Bomb Crypto game is in the Play-To-Earn genre, where players manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters. Each bomb hero has different stats, if you’re lucky you can find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade them to increase performance and combat ability.

Bomb Crypto is a Bomber inspired digital pet universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Bomb Crypto is modeled after Senspark Games (Bombsquad) , which currently has over 1 million global downloads.

To understand detaily the Bomb Crypto Game, you can read the whitepaper:

BomBCrypto ITEMS


BCOIN is the BEP-20 token that allows token holders to play, exchange, invest and also be a part of the game ecosystem development. Taking advantage of cryptocurrency assets, BCOIN has strong security manners, high liquidity, and is easy to exchange. That can help users to play, enjoy, and make profits from the game.



How to collect a bomber hero

There are 3 ways to collect bomber heroes: via rescue hero, buy in shop and auction in the marketplace.

Game Mode

There are 3 modes in the game: Hunting treasure, Story and Battle mode.

Bomb Crypto will be IDO on Launch Zone

Bomb Crypto will be IDO on Launch Zone

Buying IDO in LZFireNote the time, get a place and don’t be late !!!

FAIRLAUNCH of Bomb Crypto will start on Pancakeswap at 10:00 GMT+7 on 22nd September

FAIRLAUNCH of Bomb Crypto will start on Pancakeswap at 10:00 GMT+7 on 22nd September. Get ready for it!!

And we will release Bomb Crypto on the web at the end of September.

About Core Team

As per the official website of Bomb Crypto, the core team of the game are the staff of SENSPARK publisher.

SENSPARK is an indie game developer founded in 2011 but started developing games many years before that. We focus on mobile games on Android, iOS platforms, and Blockchain. Some titles have already been top hits and featured on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

All members of Bomb Crypto have an experience in the game industry and share the burning passion for video games and dedicate our lives to making unique mobile games that can bring the best experiences to our users.

Lam Ho (Founder/CEO/Game Director):

Lam Ho (Founder/CEO/Game Director)

Lam has nearly a dozen years of developing games, started developing mobile games from the Java game age, and won many academy and game industry awards. Lam holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in computer science and engineering from the University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. As Senspark’s CEO, Lam is responsible for Senspark’s day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ 10 Year Experienced Entrepreneur

⭐ Successful Mobile Game Company Founder

⭐ Successful Story in Google I/O and Google Admob Homepage 2017

⭐ Featured Games Globally on Google Play many times 2015–2019

⭐ Honor Program, Computer Science and Engineering Degree in Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology 2009

⭐ Vietnam Open Source Olympiad Award 2008

⭐ ACM/ICPC Asia Award 2006,2007

⭐ Vietnam Mobilelabs 2007 Contest Award

⭐ Vietnam Mobilegames 2005 Contestant, One of the first mobile game makers in Vietnam

⭐ Vietnam National Informatics Olympiad Award 2003, 2004

Eric Vuong (Advisor):

Eric Vuong (Advisor)

ERIC VUONG is a businessman, he is the Chairman and CEO of HVA Investment Joint Stock Company (HVA), CEO of TRUSTpay JSC, Founder and CEO of VNDC HOLDING PTE. LTD.

Thai Duong (Advisor):

Thai Duong (Advisor)

Thai “”thaidn”” Duong is an award-winning security researcher with nearly two decades of experience.

He’s made fundamental contributions to Internet security, and best known for the SSL attack trilogy: BEAST, CRIME, and POODLE. He was half of the team that discovered the cryptographic vulnerability in ASP.NET affecting millions of websites and winning the Pwnie Awards of 2010. He’s spoken at Black Hat and IEEE Security & Privacy. His work has been featured in the New York Times and the BBC.

In his current role at Google, Thai is a senior staff software engineer and an Uber Tech Lead of the worldwide product security and cryptography team.

Truong Do (Advisor):

Truong Do (Advisor)

Truong is currently working at Google South-East Asia as Game Industry manager. With over 4 years at Google, Truong already had exposure to both emerging markets (Vietnam) and mature markets (US), where he spent majority of his time helping game developers grow their business with Google marketing solutions. Prior to Google, Truong had over 3 years working at VNG (top game publishers in Vietnam) where he overlooked all the digital performance marketing, and set up the new business in the Thailand market.

Outside of digital marketing activities, Truong always shows his passion in product development, and his curiosity to answer questions/assumptions with a data driven approach.

Thuan Le (Tech Consultant):

Thuan Le (Tech Consultant)

Thuan got his Bachelor and Master of Computer Science from HCMUT. He has won many prizes in national and regional competitive programming contests since he was 10. After graduating, he was the coach of HCMUT Competitive Programming Team from 2010–2017, which got top prizes in competitive programming contests such as ACM ICPC and other national contests.

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ Coach position. My team won the National Student Olympiad Informatics Vietnam Contest, ACM ICPC, in 2010–2017.

⭐ 2nd Prize at the ACM ICPC — National Site. Top 5 Vietnamese teams took part in the Regional site in Phuket-Thailand, 2009.

⭐ Bronze Cup at the Super Cup round at the National Student Olympiad Informatics Vietnam, 2009

⭐ 2nd Prize in the ACM ICPC — Regional Site, 2006.

⭐ 2nd Prize in the National High-school Informatics Contest, 2005.

Hai Hoang (Lead Developer):

Hai Hoang (Lead Developer)

6 years of experience in game development.

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ Bronze prize in 2014 Super Cup Vietnam National Programming Contest

⭐ First prize in 2014 ACM-ICPC Vietnam National Programming Contest

⭐ Top 1000th 2015 Google Code Jam

⭐ 5 years of experience in working with Cocos2d-x engine (2015–2020)

⭐ 2 years of experience in working with Unity engine (2019 — present)

Hung Nguyen (Lead Game Designer):

Hung Nguyen (Lead Game Designer)

10 years of experience in game development, building and managing game communities.

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ Sorim Story Board Game — Owner (2011–2014)

⭐ Minecraft 108 Top1 VN Server — Founder (2014–2016)

⭐ Hainaovuilam Fanpage — Founder (2015–2017)

⭐ Facedance Challenge — Game Design (2017–2018)

⭐ Blockman Party — Owner (2020–2021)

⭐ Stickman Battle 1&2 — Lead Game Design (2020–2021)

Nhung Vo (Lead Marketing):

Nhung Vo (Lead Marketing)

5 years of experience in game marketing

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ Lead Game Project — VTC game ( 2017–2020 )

** Best Project: Thái Cổ Thần Vương & Hoả Thiên Quyết game

(These game had best successful in 2019 of VTC Mobile, with revenue make up nearby 70% total revenue of Company )

⭐ Lead Marketing — Senspark ( 2020 — Present )

** Best Project: Stickman Battle game

( Get over 10 Million download within 6 months )

Khuong Pham (Lead Project Manager):

Khuong Pham (Lead Project Manager)

More than 10 years of experience in the game industry, 3 years of experience as a Project Manager.

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ Participated in publishing many game projects including web games, client games and mobile games at VNG

⭐ Participated in a number of global mobile game projects at Go Game Pte. Ltd

Binh Tran (CEO’s assistant / Sr. Game Designer):

Binh Tran (CEO’s assistant / Sr. Game Designer)

With over 15 years of experience in game development from PC games, web games and mobile games. Binh has also won many valuable awards in mobile game design competitions during his entry into the game industry in 2005.

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ The 1st Winner of Blue Bird Award 2016 — Mysterious Stones

⭐ Top 10 Best Mobile games — Blue Bird Award 2017 — Climber

⭐ More than 10 years involved in designing & publishing many game projects including webgame, client game and mobile game at VNG corp.

Huan Nguyen (Lead Artist):

Huan Nguyen (Lead Artist)

More than 15 years of experience in the game industry, 5 years of experience as a Lead Artist

Experience & Important Achievements:

⭐ Participated in publishing many game projects including web games, client games and mobile games for Ogilvy, Skoolbo, Sang Tao and Senspark company.

⭐ I used to work as a cartoonist in a German company.

About the other Ventures and Partners

Bomb Crypto is delighted to be working with the VC (Venture Capital) and Partners to make Bomb Crypto NFT game become a strong company in the industry game blockchain with a plan of strategic high and comprehensive.

BomBCrypto: Investors & Partners

Bomb Crypto’s VC (Venture Capital) and Partners include: Remitano, VNDC, Launch Zone, Kardia Ventures, CryptoLeaks, Wildcat Venture, JADELabs, BAS, BFRI Capital, CoinF, Alphamoon Capital,…

We cooperate for a common purpose of becoming a bridge to help investors access the Crypto space safely and effectively. And with their support, we think Bomb Crypto will be believed and become a potential project which investors must try.

Have questions? We’ll be helping you navigate the process through community groups.

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#Bombcrypto is a game inspired by Bombsquad. Players can farm, play, earn #BCOIN and trade them for real money. Get Started: