• Staking is a form similar to depositing money in Banks. Users can proceed to deposit BCOIN into “Staking” and receive daily interest (BCOIN).

Staking on Website: use BCOIN in your Wallet to Stake.

Staking through the “Stake feature” in-game: use BCOIN in your Chest to Stake. BCOIN in your Chest includes “BCOIN DEPOSIT” and “BCOIN REWARDS’’

  • Staking on Website and in game are completely separate from each other, so depending on the amount of BCOIN, the APR of these two Stake forms will be different.
  • UnStake on Web: BCOIN will be returned to Wallet.



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#Bombcrypto is a game inspired by Bombsquad. Players can farm, play, earn #BCOIN and trade them for real money. Get Started: