🏆PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2021🏆

✔️Vote BOMBCRYPTO for the Best Blockchain Game 2021✔️
🎁 Top 10 Prizes:
Winner’s trophy on the game details page
🎁Top 50 Prizes:
Listed on the 2021 award winners page

How to vote:
1️⃣ Click https://playtoearn.net/awards/2021/best-blockchaingame
2️⃣ Find BOMBCRYPTO and stick
3️⃣ Click I’m not robot
4️⃣ Login to vote!
5️⃣ Connect your wallet
6️⃣ Vote

Please take a moment to vote and this is also a way for you to show your love toward the project as well as the solidarity of the BombCrypto community.🚀🚀🚀
Thank you very much.🥰🥰