1. Mechanism:
  • Reduce 6% on the total mining output of All users (For example: in 1 day all users of the bomb game mined 500k tokens, we will reduce 6% of the total 500k in that day). Not 6% of the total reward pool of 20 million tokens
  • And each user will be reduced by a different percentage based on each person’s total mining output, the more you mine, the less BCOIN you receive.

2. Advantages:

  • When mining production is reduced in treasure hunt mode >> Make coins rare >> Coin price increases or at least stays stable


  • 6% reduction starting from 05/01 >> 09/01, the price has increased from 1.8 (January 4) to 2.5 and sideways for 5 days from the date of introduction of the policy to reduce the total mining output
  • After the announcement of removing the old nerf on January 2nd, as our data shows, users have mined lots of BCOIN and on January 3, the BCOIN mining output increased again and mostly cashout >>> down to the lowest price in the last 2 months ( $1.6/BCOIN )

=====> This is the general picture for us to see that when we decide to remove the nerf, based on the data indicators, the amount of BCOIN mined if it remains at the same level, it will lead to a bottomless discharge and the price will drop continuously. So the Dev team was forced to come up with a temporary solution of nerfing 6% of the total mining output of all users.

>>>> PURPOSES: FIRST is to reduce the cash out of BCOIN on the market, SECOND is to create the scarcity of BCOIN, THIRD is to prevent the problem of “inflation” in the future and finally, the important thing that we have to care about is Maintaining an NFT game for a long time, the amount of pool reward must be remained at a stable level, gradually decreasing at a slow and reasonable rate, it will not lead to a dead game

3. The reason why not public the specific reduction number:

  • When the specific nerf was announced on December 28, from then until the date of the new reduction policy, the price of BCOIN only decreased gradually from 3.5 >> 2.0. Many users protested against the unfair policy and sold as many coins as they could.
  • In the community, countless users booed and cursed saying why are they blocking old users, the policy is not fair, why not apply the same percentage reduction to all users… etc. .v. Creates a very negative effect, Fud game, even though we are transparent about specific numbers!!!!

===> The comparison, requiring the same percentage, does not support the policy of the game we offer. Creating a lot of different opinions and bringing the numbers that the game has published to fud in their communities that BombCrypto nerf this, nerf that with users…. Try asking if you keep fudding the game, will new users have the confidence to join the game???

If you understand this policy is to save the price of BCOIN, make the price stable so that you have the most stable reward, then you have not used the index that we published to fud the game and reduce the number of new users entering the Bomb Crypto. A game when new users won’t enter or not many users play, will the price increase or not???

====> Because some users do not understand and sympathize with Bomb’s policy plus using index table and fudding reduces the confidence of new users joining the game. That’s why we don’t want to publish this detailed number twice.

  • Looking at the price that has maintained steady and started to increase since this 2nd Nerf, Fuders have no excuse to rely on public announcements to talk bad about the game to new users. If The number of new users increases and BCOIN becomes rare, it will lead to an increase in the price and remain steady in the current market situation. Please take a look at what we are proving to you by numbers, by BCOIN price, by stable chart… but please silently support the policies that we offer.
  • Besides, the percentage reduction is not fixed, it depends on the situation of the game, so we do not have a specific number to be able to announce exactly, the numbers are only approximate.
  • We are still calculating the options of Spending BCOIN like Adventure mode or Marketplace. Then we will have a plan to change the total Nerf number when the price situation is stable.

Trust & Keep supporting every decision we made, we just want all of beloved bombers have a stable profit & the value will increase by the time ❤




#Bombcrypto is a game inspired by Bombsquad. Players can farm, play, earn #BCOIN and trade them for real money. Get Started:

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#Bombcrypto is a game inspired by Bombsquad. Players can farm, play, earn #BCOIN and trade them for real money. Get Started:

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