Previously, we banned more than 11k6 accounts who took advantage of bugs or used secondary software to make profit when playing Bomb Crypto.

But recently, there are still many users who continue this cheating behavior.😡 We investigated and banned 879 accounts on this list during this maintenance.🧐🧐

We will consider more suspicious accounts and handle them later.
In addition, we also ban users who hack other people’s wallets.
We will be straight forward to ensure fairness for all players. 👍🏻👍🏻

Let’s play the game transparently and fairly.😁
We are trying our best to stabilize the server for this maintenance.
❤️Thank you for your understanding.

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#Bombcrypto is a game inspired by Bombsquad. Players can farm, play, earn #BCOIN and trade them for real money. Get Started: https://bombcrypto.io/